BOO: The Christmas Carols of Doom zine ...but why?.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the (spooky) way! We experimented this Christmas! Made an extra horror zine, illustrated in various styles.

Boo Republic love to draw and spook. And that is what we did, in our quest to offer laughs and goosebumps.



Last Christmas, we decided to make a zine, and it would be a Christmas zine. The theme had to be ghostly, as the Boo Republic commanded. So while everybody else was dealing with puddings and reindeers and all they wanted for Christmas (sic), we had to make a difference and bring some darkness to the table. HO HO HO (with dark, surreal echo).

A zine about eleven seasonal ghosts.


One by one, we starting building the characters’ backstories while in-between projects.


”How about an enraged climate-activist snowman?!”


“How about… revenge-seeking, traumatized Christmas trees…?”


“How about a dismembered, one-eyed, choir sing-”

“No. That’s too Halloween.”


stitchy, the big eater
chimney ghouls; feed them milk & cookies to escape danger

Spooking ourselves out while creating the visuals, we experimented with digital and traditional techniques. Different for each of the zine’s doomed residents.

Amongst the distinguished residents one can find

Boorns the passive-aggressive, burnt Christmas sweets, sworn enemies of the bad cooks who created them.

Lars the snowman riding his zero emissions bike looking for a way to save the planet and his, um, substance.

The greed keepers safeguarding all gold New Year Pie coins, because we’re all bad, greedy children.

Ghostoyevsky a bookworm ghost, frequenting the library ever December, because Christmas is for reading. Right? No? Ok.

the goodboi; a dog, but also a mafia legend

Lastly, but importantly, we selected baroque-looking fonts to BOOst the haunted feel of the zine’s overall aesthetic.

Boo interiors, featuring “boorns” and “the greed keepers”
The forest of dead christmas trees

Thus the freezing, spooky world of BOO was completed, and Christmas was good again.