"It's alive! It's alive!" At last, Boo Republic website is online..

It is not Frankenstein! It is not a bird, nor an aeroplane. It is our website, damn it! And we are more than happy to announce that it is (a)live!

After 3 years after the Boo Republic found its permanent house in Thessaloniki, today is the glorious day that the website is online. Full of projects, colours, bold imagery, fearless ideas and a pinch of an attitude. 

As Mary Shelley wrote: “It’s alive! It’s alive!”. Yet now, it is not about Frankenstein monster.

We designed the website with one goal in mind. To spread out the word about the new kid in town. Phantom. You see, Phantom is not an ordinary design agency or studio. It is a pilgrimage. He summons whoever thinks is appropriate for the job and we blindly follow. Of course there are loyal pilgrims, or prophets if you like. The very first to built the Phantom house. The creative mastermind behind all these projects may eludes you, but we definitely hear his tunes and feel his vibes. We welcome you to this new occult fellowship in our common design endeavours.

Special thanks to Lab21, for translating Phantom’s vision and ideas for this website, into a great, functional and beautiful website. Crafted with love and great talent, Lab21 has a special place in Phantom’s heart for sure.

Please enjoy your stay in this site and consider subscribing to our newsletter. Who knows? Maybe Phantom will send something sooner than you expect.