Make it stand out. Festive or clean, galore is certain. Luscious, beautiful and popping.

  • Illustration
  • Key visuals
  • Publications
  • Temporary pavilion design
  • Exhibition design
  • Art direction
  • Editorial & publications
  • Product catalogues

Visuals; such a generic term to describe what Boo Republic can offer. The Republic’s constitution states and we quote: “Visuals is the category that consists of all illustrative and graphical endeavours or projects that can are complete and self-determining concepts”.

Boo Republic delivers eye candies.

Designed to be structurally sound.

We like to be onboard in adventures with other creatives. Boo Republic collaborates with architects, mechanical engineers and sculptors , in order to execute in the best possible way the designed concept.

More than meets the eye.

Visuals are more than illustrations and graphic design compositions. We collaborate with animators, 3D artists, composers and sound designers to creative immersive experiences both in digital and physical realm.

Various implementations, more fun.

Book design, editorial design and publication design is kind of  lost art in this digital era. Well, Boo chooses to be hopelessly romantic and thus, giving more attention to this kind of  works. 

A picture is a thousand words.

This proverb could not be more real in the case of key visual. Seeking a striking, bold and beautiful composition as a key visual for your next campaign or label? Welcome to Boo Republic.

Some say that Boo Republic’s offices smell like the freshly printed pages in a book, others claim that they there, have been bookbinding faster than machines. The truth is one. We love print and we definitely adore large skilfully made and artfully illustrated installations but there is a soft spot in our hearts for animated visuals and concept oriented illustrations.

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