imba 2019 calendar.

The Ultimate Client Feedback Kit. A calendar that illustrates some of the most popular and nonsensical client feedback. From "I need it till today" to "Ok, I'm buying". Made to bring laughs at the office on the rainiest of days.

What if feedback towards the creative ones, was merged into a digital tool/weapon?

The Ultimate Client Feedback Kit was imba’s 2019 calendar. Digital era has changed a lot to advertising and the creative industry in general, yet only one element remains the same, the client feedback! From the best to worst, the most weird ones, slightly offensive ones or even absurd ones, all were collected by IMBA advertising agency and formed into a calendar. Working as a digital kit as well, for all those who want to sent their feedback in an animated and different way.

Mention - Jury Favorite
Shortlist - Motion graphics
Shortlist - Illustration
year - 2018
client - IMBA Greece - IPG mediabrands
concept - IMBA Greece
motion designers - Antonis Dimitropoulos & Vassilis Kolletis
photographer - Stefanos Tsakiris
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"Ok, I'm buying"
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"The CTA isn't strong enough"
Calendar cover
Calendar cards spread

From the usual phrase: “I need it till today” to: “Ok, I’m buying”. Made to bring laughs at the office on the rainiest of days.

Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"Let's schedule a call ASAP"
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"Nice idea. How much?"

The printed version of imba 2019 calendar, comes with a QR code, via which the user can download all 12 animated feedback, and send directly an edgy quote, in the best way that the meme era offers; glorious gifs! Snakes wrapping around awards, ideas that fall off from vending machines, eternal waiting for Skype calls and meetings that never happened, clients that ask concepts without having any budget, even time machines to reach the deadlines.

Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"I need it till today"
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"I want to see an alternative"
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"You're on brief, but no"
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"I have no budget"
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"It's worse than the last one"
Front and back covers
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"I can't see the product"
Boo Rebuplic-imba 2019 calendar
"It looks too busy"