Talks under That Long Black Cloud in Thessaloniki.

Boo Republic and Post Spectacular Office will be presenting methodologies, work, case studies, answering questions and creating new ones under That Long Black Cloud. Friday 17th of June at 18:30.

That Long Black Cloud (Mike Rafail’s design practice and cultural space), opens its doors to the public, with a series of talks-meetings on design. We are thrilled and honoured to participate in the very first event of the series, along fellow designers/architects of Post-Spectacular Office.  

The 2 award-winning offices, PSO & Boo Republic will present methodologies, work, case studies, answering questions and creating new ones. An open discussion, with audience participation at any given time.

Friday, June 17, 2022 at 18:30. Free entrance.
9 Piniou str., 54630, Thessaloniki

Post-Spectacular Office, is a narrative-driven design office that combines the wide experience from the fields of architecture, exhibition, graphic design and academia. PSO designs spatial and iconic environments for individuals, brands, exhibitions and museums that have narrative power. Their projects are trans-disciplinary approached with an intellectual and narrative perspective motivated by a strong intention to realising concepts in the world.

As far as Boo Republic goes… well, you know already; but let’s recap:

Boo Republic is a visual communications design studio, founded in 2017. Providing solutions with strong aesthetics and unique character in the fields of branding, packaging and illustration. Boo Republic opened its doors to its members, for a creative residency of a new kind; sharing everyone’s vision and setting new practices in corporate and design decision making. In this residency, we have the time to create, while feeling the rush of production, we see our creations come to life, yet we discard a lot of ideas. We are Boo Republic’s loyal citizens, each summoned by name, following by choice and we remain unapologetically true to raw creativity.



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